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Groups on the Island

Last update: November 30, 2020

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SICC: Samish Island Community Center & Board |
Samish Farms Water Association
| Samish Island Fire Department | Arts Committee | Marching Band | Garden Club | Community Garden | Religious & Meditation Groups| Samish Island E-Groups

Samish Island Community Center (SICC) and Board

The SICC is made up of all island residents over 18 years old. The SICC Board is an elected board which coordinates island events, holds fundraisers, and maintains the community hall, and guides its rentals. Read more...

Samish Farms Water Association (SFWA)

A board of directors elected from water share holders, monitors contaminantes in our drinking water, along with Skagit County P.U.D. and manages water needs for the island. Check the SFWA website for more information and updates. Or email

Samish Island Fire Department

The volunteer fire department provides emergency services on the island. Read more...

Arts Committee

The Arts Committee sponsors the summer arts festival on the island.

Samish Island Marching Band

The Marching Band participates in three events/performances each year: The July 4 parade on the island, Berry Dairy Days Parade in Burlington, and The Island Christmas Program (as a non-marching band). If you'd like to play in the band, contact Gail or Steve Hopley. All instrumentalists are welcome.


Edgewater Garden Club

The Edgewater Garden Club helps resident gardeners gain knowledge about gardening, aides in the protection of native trees, plants & birds, and encourages civic planting on the island. Watch the Samish Shore Lines for meeting times and dates (generally on fourth Thursday of the month). Contact the webmaster for additional information.

Community Garden

The community garden is located on the island, and is a great opportunity for locals to grow fresh organic food for foodbank donations, members' personal use, & vegetable exchanges. It is not a "pea-patch", but one garden with shared work responsibilities by all who join. View more on the community garden web page.


Religious Groups

Several religious groups meet on the island. Address and gathering times are listed below:

The Community of Christ
10 AM: Sunday School;
11 AM: Worship Service
11507 Scott Road. Jane Worland, pastor. 766-8264.

The Samish Island Memorial Chapel
9:45 am: Sunday School
11 am: Worship Service
Mid-July: Vacation Bible School.

9608 Samish Island Road, Dave McAllister, pastor 360-421-8173.

Insight Meditation (Buddhist insight meditation tradition) - related to BIMS in Bellingham.

The Samish Island Meditation group meets at the Community of Christ social room, 11507 Scott Road. Schedule varies; for additional information, contact for the contact person.


Join the Samish Island E-Groups

Visit the Email groups page for more information about joining a local e-group.