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Last update: January 26, 2021

Madrone grove

Samish ShoreLines Newsletter | Email Groups | Web Page | Samish Island Bulletin Board

Island residents communicate through a newsletter, the web page, email groups, the Samish Island Bulletin Board at the island entrance, and in person at potluck dinners 3x yearly. There is also a print phone directory for residents, and a tide calendar adjusted for the island. All are published by the Samish Island Community Center. The tide calendar & phone directory are for sale at Blau Oyster, beginning in January each year.

Samish ShoreLines Newsletter

The Samish ShoreLines is published monthly. Deadline for submissions is the first Thursday of each month. To read the ShoreLines, visit the What's New page of the Samish Island website. We have stopped home delivery of the print version, but it will always be available for you to print your own copy from the website.

You may also visit the ShoreLines page for back issues. We update this, usually the month following the current ShoreLines, which is always on the site's main page.


Email Groups

Samish Island Community Club sponsors an email group, Samish Neighbors. Read how to join on the Email Groups page. Another area group, Next Door Samish Island is also available, but not sponsored by SICC. It has more area information from County offices.

Web Page: Site map and Advisory Group

Site map: see the layout of the site.



Samish Island Sign and Bulletin Board

This sign and bulletin board are maintained by the members of the Edgewater Garden Club for use by Samish Island Residents. Samish Island residents who are participating in events, musical or otherwise, are welcome to display a poster on the bulletin board. Please include your name at the bottom of the poster.

Non-resident postings will be removed. Please post only to the cork board using push pins and thumb tacks to attach your information - no nails, screws, or staples.

View a history of the Samish Island Sign.