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Samish Island Community Center (SICC)

The Samish Island Community Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. All dues ($10) and donations (any amount) are voluntary, and tax-deductible within the limits of tax law.

Our Purpose

The Samish Island Community Center owns, administers, maintains and improves the Samish Island Community Center, conducts activities for its members which promote the education of the Samish Island community, maintain and improve the Samish Island neighborhood, foster a sense of community, promote the general welfare of its residents, and maintain and nurture its natural environment and history.”

Community Membership

Residents and owners of property with addresses on Samish Island, who are 18 years or older, are members of the Samish Island Community Center.

Dues and donations are a voluntary contribution to the community center and are tax deductible. Your dues in January help support the community center & all services. A Directory card is attached to the January newsletter, which is mailed to all residents, or you can print it from the website. Send it with your dues to Treasurer, Samish Island Community Center, P.O. Box 268, Bow, WA 98232.


Board of Directors

There are 7 directors on the board of SICC: four officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer), plus three "At-large" Representatives. The Board of Directors meets monthly, the Third Tuesday of the month, at the Community Center,11292 Blue Heron Road, 7pm. View current board members.

The Board is primarily responsible for assuring that the requirements of the deed of land, from the Rasar family to the community are followed as the grantor intended: "to serve as a community center and meeting area for community members."

To this end, the board establishes ...

Board members may be contacted at the following phone numbers, for additional information:

Current Board Members in 2018:

2018 Officers:        
Thais Armstrong, President 766-6657 tarmstrong108 @
Steve Hopley, Vice President 766-6823 shopley @
Linda Knapp-Strobel, Treasurer 766-4082 knapp-strobel @
Pam Irwin, Secretary 360-820-9626 PPIRWIN @
Anita Little, 1-yr representative 766-5098 cranlit2 @
Ruth McNally, 2-yr representative 206-963-5723 ruth.mcnally @
Denny Organ, 3-yr representative 766-5234 denny @
2018 Associates:        
Eileen Andersen - SICC scheduler, web page & e-groups 766-8202 eileen.andersen @
Charlene Day, Linda Larson - Shore Lines editors   samishshorelines @
Gail Hopley - Directory & Graphic Design, 766-6823 ghopley @


Forms Used by SICC Directors

Bylaws & Policies of the Organization

SICC Bylaws, Rev July 2011 are the rules of operation of the organization. Policies, procedures or forms, may be developed from the bylaws, to clarify operations.



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