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Samish Island Community Center

The Samish Island Community Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation. All contributions are voluntary, and tax-deductible within the limits of tax law.


Residents and owners of property with addresses on Samish Island, who are 18 years or older, are members of the Samish Island Community Center.

Dues of $10 are a voluntary contribution to the community center. Your dues in January help support the community hall & the services listed below. A Directory card is attached to the January Newsletter, which is mailed to all residents, or you can print it from the website. Send it with your dues to Treasurer, Samish Island Community Center, P.O. Box 268, Bow, WA 98232.

The Board of Directors oversees finances and activities of the club. Publications of the club are the Shore Lines Newsletter and the Samish Island Web Site, as well as others listed on the publications page. Policies and bylaws are below.

The Annual meeting of the S.I.C.C. is held in January each year, where elections of SICC officers occurs. Potluck meetings happen in January, May and September. Watch the Shore Lines for dates and times.


Board of Directors

The elected board meets monthly, the third Tuesday of the month, at the Community Center, 11292 Blue Heron Road, at 7:00 p.m. Board members may be contacted at the following phone numbers, if you have suggestions or ideas for the community:

2015 Officers:

Thais Armstrong, President 766-6657 tarmstrong108 @
Steve Hopley, Vice President 766-6823 shopley @
Linda Knapp-Strobel, Treasurer 766-4082 knapp-strobel @
Eileen Smith-Moreland, Secretary 766-7420 eileenksm
Nurith St Pierre, 1-yr representative 766-6634      
Ruth McNally, 2-yr representative


ruth.mcnally @
Denny Organ, 3-yr representative 766-5234 denny @
Eileen Andersen, SICC scheduler, web page & e-groups 766-8202 eileen.andersen @
Charlene Day, Linda Larson, Shore Lines editors   samishshorelines @
Gail Hopley, Directory & printing layout projects 766-6823 ghopley @

SICC Services

Your $10.00 Samish Island Community Center dues help provide these services for all islanders:

Maintaining the Community Center - propane, electricity, septic system, painting & repairs, appliances, storage for SICC-sponsored activities.

Providing coffee, beverages & supplies for community potluck dinners.

3 community potlucks each year: January, May, September.

The Fourth of July Parade Island-wide garage sale in June
Arts festival in late July Island Christmas Program around mid- December
Publications and communications: The Shore Lines newsletter, this website, email groups and other publications. Tide tables for the Island $3; Islander's phone directory $3
Winter storm & emergency shelter at the Community Center. Maintenance of the community center for rental & SICC use (regular cleaning; clean & organize twice yearly; re-suppling essentials, equipment replacements)
Providing seed money for fund-raisers: art festivals, sales of t-shirts, hats, license plate holders, & other summer fun items. Renting the community center to SICC members (islanders), at lower rates. Non-member friends of islanders may also rent the hall at reasonable rates.


Forms Used by SICC

Bylaws & Policies of the Organization

SICC Bylaws are the rules of operation of the organization, which were modified and approved in January 2005. Policies & Procedures were added in 2006.



Policies and Titles

Bylaws of the S.I.C.C.
  Bylaws Bylaws of the Club (rev July 2011) 7/14/2011


Series 2 - Committees

201 (pdf)

Policy Standing & Ad Hoc Committees 11/15/2006
202 (pdf)
Policy S.I.C.C. Publications Policies 11/15/2006
203 Policy Other Committee Policies 0
Series 3 - Use of the Community Center
301 (pdf) Policy Rental of the Community Center 6/12/2004
301f1(pdf) Form Community Center Rental Agreement Form6/12/2004
302 (pdf) Policy Community Center Equipment Rentals 01/12/2012
302f1 (pdf) Form Community Center Equipment Rental Agreement Form 01/12/2012
Series 4 - Expenditures, Acquisitions and Gifts
401f1(pdf) Form Reimbursement Form 11/13/2004


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