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"We are a community garden that that plants food for our members' use, and contributes to the food bank."

Mission of the Samish Island Acres Community Garden:

Our mission is to enhance the quality of community life by creating and sustaining a garden space that will foster community bonds, provide fresh foods for member families, and to organizations that serve those in need.

In addition, we will support agricultural education, environmental land and water stewardship, health, recreation and local bird habitat.

We will help neighbors grow their own food, support our local food banks, provide a community recreation opportunity, provide community education about gardening methods, plant selection, composting, and food preservation methods, and enhance local food security.

Please join us in our mission. Our Contact information is below in "How to Join us."

Samish Island Acres is a non-profit corporation, IRS Fed ID #44-0552038. The Garden is on property donated for this community effort by the Community of Christ Church.

An Island Community Garden - a brief background

Read our story (pdf) - how we started a community garden, how it has grown, and what it takes to make it work.

Our Site Plan: Blue Heron Road, Samish Island

This was our original site plan, which has since been expanded in both south and west directions.

Garden Site



We meet 10 times a year at the Social Hall at the Community of Christ Church, at 11507 Scott Road, usually on Monday evenings, at 6:30pm. A potluck dinner often including fresh produce from the garden and is followed by a planning meeting. Dates are published in the Shore Lines and on the Samish island Web Page (what's new). If you are a garden member (dues $25-50), you will receive email updates.

How to Join Us

Samish Island Acres invites all islanders, neighbors, friends, and businesses to support the community garden. We need… gardeners, friends of the garden, supporters and donors.

Samish Island Acres is a community garden, with everyone working together on one garden (i.e. not a "pea patch" garden). Each member provides input on what to plant, based on what we like to eat. We order seeds and plant starts, share responsibilities for planting, weeding, watering, community outreach/education, and other services which benefit the garden.

If this appeals to you, please join us. Join the e-group to follow the garden. Individual: $25 -- Family: $50. Mail dues or contributions to the P.O. Box address below.

Coordinators Glen & CherylGarden Contacts:

Glen Fishel, 757-4559,
Linda Larson,766-6600,

Donations and Dues to:
Samish Island Acres - A Community Garden
P.O. Box 334
Bow, WA 98232-9334 -- Attn: Jane Worland

Email Group:

All dues-paying members are eligible for the e-group. The e-group is primarily for task-related groups to communicate about work in the garden: what has been done, tasks that need doing, or sharing information about various garden questions that arise. We also have a white board at the garden to share information about "what needs doing next."

Members, Sponsors and Donors are invited to join this group if you'd like to help with hands-on tasks. If you'd just like to support our efforts by providing financial and tangible resources, our leader keeps a private list for general information affecting the garden. We might call on you from time to time for various needs we encounter.

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Part of the Thursday crew of harvesters, for the food bank, andfor personal use.
This was about 191 lbs of food for the food bank in late August 2016.
Some of the spring yield for personal use.

Thanks to our Generous Sponsors

These local businesses are supporters of our community garden. We are thankful for our community support for the garden.

Biringer Nursery, Joe Biringer
6 fruit trees 2013
4 fruit trees 2014

Bow Hill Blueberries Harley & Susan Soltes
2 blueberry bushes - 2013

Finney Farm and Osborne Seed Company
Seeds 2014

Karl's Paints & Art Supplies
Garden Shed Paint
interior & exterior - 2014

Sakata Vegetable Seeds - 2016: Sheila Rood of the garden club, won Sakata seeds from Osborne Seeds in a drawing at an Edgewater Garden Club meeting in 2016. Sheila kept the seeds she wanted, and donated the remaining vegetable seeds to the Community Garden, which provided the bulk of our garden that year. Thank you to all donors and the Edgewater Garden Club for these non-gmo and organic seeds.
Thanks for a matching grant for seed purchases!

Thanks for the donation of many many seeds to our 2017 garden!


We are especially grateful to these foundations and funds, for grants we applied for and received during 2016: Jeffris Wood Fund ($1,000) and Schiff Foundation ($2,000). The funding will make possible a watering system for the garden, especially useful in the hottest part of the summer, to keep our production high and vegetables healthy!

Garden Bed Planting & Planning

The templates below are for garden planners and planters, to record plantings from April through end of planting season. You will probably need several sets through April & May.

To write on at the garden & during planting, print the PDF template.
To type on and send to others electronically, save the Word (docx) Template to your computer.

2017 garden -- 2016 garden --