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Island Center

The Samish Island Community Center is owned and operated by the Samish Island Community Center (S.I.C.C.). It is located at 11292 Blue Heron Road, Bow, WA 98232 (map).

The Community Center has been an integral part of Island life since 1946, when one acre of land was donated by Carl and Anna Rasar for the sole purpose of a community center. Fundraisers and donations by the newly formed Samish Island Civics Club helped build the hall, which was opened in 1948.

The Community Center also serves the island as an emergency shelter during power outages during winter storms. There is propane heat & stove to keep warm there. Contact a board member for a key, or the hall rental agent listed below in "How to schedule the community center."

Your annual dues of $10 help support hall maintenance & needs.

Community Hall
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Community Center Rentals

Rental Basics:

Rental Details:

Many more useful details are in the Rental Information Guide. We recommend that you print the pages you need and bring them with you to your rental. There is valuable information such as emergency contacts, equipment directions - and the very important damage deposit checklist that you must return with the key.

Please Note: There is no wireless service at the hall; cell tower signals are weak inside the hall. This is good, if you prefer a conversational gathering. One can usually get a cell signal by stepping outside, but coverage is spotty.

Forms to print or save. Each item is in the Rental Information Guide.

Community Center Schedule 2017

A firm reservation is a paid reservation. Please pay as early as possible to confirm your rental. (recommend one month in advance).

Last updated: 11/13/17
2017 Reservations for 2017
Jan 7 Susan Deighton - family party, 5 hr rental, 4-9pm
Jan 10 SICC Board Meeting
Jan 15 Community Potluck Dinner & Meeting, 5pm
Jan 16-17 Darlene Mindrum (family memorial) (paperwork submitted)
Jan 26 Garden Club meeting, 10am (SICC)
Jan 29 Ann Reid, Nurith St Pierre (community open house to welcome new island neighbors and planning for future)
Feb 28 SICC Board Meeting, 7pm.
Feb 23 Garden Club meeting, 10am (SICC)
Feb 25 Edison Sportsman's Club (paid; insurance submitted)
Mar 11 Rinker Family memorial (no fee)(all paperwork submitted)
Mar 18 Nurith St. Pierre, family memorial (no fee)(paperwork complete)
Mar 20 SICC Board Meeting
Mar 23 Garden Club meeting, 10am (SICC)
Apr 15 Barbie Halgren, 1 - 6pm (memorial - no charge, paperwork complete)
Apr 18 SICC Board Meeting
Apr 27 Garden Club meeting, 10am (SICC)
Apr 30 Emergency Preparedness for any/all Islanders, with potluck (SICC) - Ann Reid organizer. Sound system and video projector also scheduled.
May 16 Gary Ramey: Skagit-Anacortes Folk Dancers, 7:00 to about 9:30. 

SICC Board members will meet at Thais Armstrong's home, instead of the hall this month.
May 21 Community Potluck Dinner, Sunday 5pm
May 25 Garden Club meeting, 10am (SICC)
June 20 SICC Board Meeting
June 21 Susan Christensen, YMCA informational meeting (pymt, deposit, pd, ins form submitted)
June 24-25 Sue Kerry, Family wedding (fee, deposits, ins completed) -- Added BOSE sound system rental for these days on 5/30/17
July 15 Scott Wisenburg, Memorial for Gary Storm and JoLynn Woodbury (paperwork complete, no fee)
July 15-16 off-site equipment rental Rental of Bose Sound system (Eileen Smith-Moreland, paperwork complete)
(hall is available to rent these days, without sound system)
July 18 SICC Board Meeting

July 28-29-30

Samish Island Arts Festival (setup on 28, festival 29, cleanup on 30th)
Aug 4-5 Paul Kramer - K Longmore, wedding reception (paperwork complete)
Aug 12-14

Heather and Barney Bourns Family Gathering (paperwork complete)

Aug 15 SICC Board Meeting
Aug 23-24 Anacortes teacher planning retreat (5-hr meeting) - 23rd is tentative
Aug 25 Mary Lou Wesen. Family Gathering (paperwork complete)
Aug 26 Matthews/Ballantine Graduation Event (paperwork complete)
Aug 27 Hugh/Kris Galbraith Family Reunion (paperwork complete)
Sept 1-2-3 Colleen Unema - Family wedding & reception (paperwork complete)
Sept 17 Community Potluck Dinner, Sunday 5pm - Dedicated to Chuck Davis
Sept 19 SICC Board Meeting
Sept 28 Edgewater Garden Club, 10am
Oct 13 Rob Martin, Retreat "Mystery Dinner" (paperwork complete)
Oct 17 SICC Board Meeting, 7pm
Oct 26 Edgewater Garden Club, 10am
Oct 28/29 Jesse Wesen, wedding & reception (paperwork complete)
Nov 15 SICC Board Meeting, 7pm
Nov 19 Ann Nash (paperwork complete)
Nov 20 MoNA Staff Retreat (reserved, payment pending)
Dec 1-2 Edgewater Garden Club Holiday Kickoff, 10am to 1pm
Dec 6 SICC Board Meeting,7pm
Jan 14 Community Potluck, 5pm - bring food to share; plates, flatware provided.
Jan 16 SICC Board Meeting, 7pm
Jan 25 Edgewater Garden Club, 10am
Feb 20 SICC Board Meeting, 7pm
Feb 22 Edgewater Garden Club, 10am
Mar 17

David Forsythe, for family 50th Wedding Anniversary (reserved, payment pending). Also renting the projector and sound system this day.

Mar 20 SICC Board Meeting, 7pm
Mar 22 Edgewater Garden Club, 10am
Apr 17 SICC Board Meeting, 7pm
Apr 26 Edgewater Garden Club, 10am
May 15 SICC Board Meeting, 7pm
May 24 Edgewater Garden Club, Annual Meeting and Brunch
June 19 SICC Board Meeting, 7pm
July 4 Fourth of July Event use (band in the parking lot, front of building, storage access)
July 17 SICC Board Meeting, 7pm
July 27-28-29 Samish Island Arts Festival (setup 27th, festival 28th, cleanup 29th)
Aug 21 SICC Board Meeting, 7pm
Sept 18 SICC Board Meeting, 7pm
Oct 16 SICC Board Meeting, 7pm
Nov 20 SICC Board Meeting, 7pm
Dec 18 SICC Board Meeting, 7pm



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