Edgewater Garden Club

sea pinks


The Edgewater Garden Club meets generally on the 4th Thursday of each month, at 10 a.m. at the Samish Island Community Center.


All islanders are invited to be members. Annual dues are $15 and include membership on the garden e-group, interesting meetings and speakers, food and social time before meetings.


Each meeting of the club involves a knowledgeable garden speaker from either Master Gardeners, an author, or expert who works with various plant or environmental issues. All islanders are invited to attend these presentations.

Island Sign:

The Garden Club manages the Samish Island sign at the Island entrance. When needed, they contract with sign companies to repair or replace the sign. Funds are saved from projects and sales for this purpose, sometimes supplemented by fundraisers.

  • Please use tacks at all four corners of your handout to avoid littering neighbor's yards.
  • Islanders may post information relating to island activities, events, rentals.
  • Please no staples or nails in the wood frames.

Christmas Wreaths and Swags:

The garden club makes wreaths and swags for sale during early December. Islanders are invited to decorate mailboxes and doors, to show holiday spirit. All proceeds from wreath sales support Friendship House, The Samish Island Fire Department, and Camp Kirby. We appreciate your contributions. Swags are generally $10-15, wreaths $20.

Handouts from Garden Club Meetings:


Please contact the webmaster to connect with this year's officers.

info@samishisland.net ~ or ~ samishisland@gmail.com