Maps and Directions to Samish Island

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Maps of Samish Island

Mapquest Image

The Samish Island sign is at the beginning of the island.

This Mapquest map can help get you to the Island Sign, then, check the maps below for clues to your destination.

The June garage sale map is posted on the home page a few days before the event in June.

This map has most of the road names on island. (pdf) or (jpg image).

Community Center directions: From the Samish Island sign, continue on Samish Island Road to top of incline, turn right on Roney Rd., turn right onto Halloran, go down the hill and curve right onto Blue Heron Rd., where you will find the Community Center at 11292 Blue Heron Road.

Washington Coastal Atlas

The Washington Coastal Atlas is all about Washington’s marine shorelines and the land areas near Puget Sound, the outer coast, and the estuarine portion of the Columbia River. You can view aerial photographs of marine shorelines, locate different habitat types, physical features, see changes in land cover, and much more.


Historic Maps of Samish Island

Skagit River Delta History

The Skagit River Delta map

The expanded image shows the prehistoric Skagit River Delta.

The Padilla Bay Center provided this probable map of the area of 10,000 years ago.

The Skagit River once entered Puget Sound at Padilla Bay, but sometime during the past thousands of years, its mouth shifted southward into Skagit Bay. Bayview Ridge to the southeast of Samish Island, was also once an island, like Samish Island, before delta marshes filled in this region.

Historic settlement map

Pre-1890 settlers map

A Map of Island settlers and where they lived on the island, before 1890, from the Evelyn Hopley Clift unpublished manuscript, circa 1964.

Samish Slough, 1887 Map of Samish Island in 1887. This shows the slough as it originally existed before diking occured.


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