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Beautiful Samish Island

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Calm reflections
Calm reflections © Therese Ogle
Seaweeds © Therese Ogle
Asian pears
Asian Pears © Eileen Andersen
Morning reflections
Morning reflections © Eileen Andersen

Harvest moon
Harvest Moon © Eileen Andersen
February Eastward
February Eastward © Therese Ogle
North Beach sunset
North Beach Sunset © Mark Kirkby
Samish lagoon
Samish Lagoon © Therese Ogle
Mount Baker, Thanksgiving
Mount Baker, Thanksgiving © Denny Organ
Sunrise meditation
Sunrise Meditation © Denny Organ
Sustenance ©Therese Ogle
Calm reflections II
Calm Reflections © Therese Ogle
Samish color
Samish Color © Therese Ogle
Delicate treasure
Delicate treasure © Therese Ogle
My friend
My friend © Therese Ogle
Autumn's arrival
Autum's arrival ©Therese Ogle
Red sky at morning
Red sky at morning©Eileen Andersen
Samish Bay Sunset
Samish Bay Sunset © Dan Rudd
Samish Bay Goodness
Samish Bay Goodness © Dan Rudd
Hadmans Madrone Grove
Hadman's Madrone Grove © Eileen Andersen
Sounds of Dunlins in Flight © Kitty Bluhm
Tideflat dunlins © Kitty Bluhm
June rainbow Alice Bay
June rainbow, Alice Bay © Eileen Andersen
Lunch time
Lunch time © Gail Vitek


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