Photos: Community Center

Hummingbirds Feeding

The community center is available for daily rental. The center can hold approximately 100 people, according to the fire marshall.

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Community Hall & parking area Foyer
The parking lot is on the side of the building for guests.
The foyer has a coat rack and a small guest-book table.
There is a fireplace, with gas insert. Switch on upper right corner.
Kitchen&Entrance Large windows Room-Darkening Shades
Kitchen at left, entrance, ceiling fans to circulate air.
Large windows and sconces keep just the right light for your needs.
All windows have room-darkening shades for presentations.
Kitchen BBQ area behind hall Front entrance, small
The kitchen has dishwasher, stove & oven, refrigerator, cups and eating utensils. Bring your own plates and serving ware.
There is a bbq area behind the center. Bring your own wood and grilling tools. Grates are in the storage room for your use.
Front entrance of Samish Island Community Center. There is a new sign with the name on it now.
tablecloths Storage Area Small Restroom
The hall has been used for many small weddings. There are formal black tablecloths and royal blue tablecloths. U-wash and return to the hall, or the rental agent.
Tables and chairs are stored in the storage room, off the main hall. These are included in the center rental price, and may not be removed from the community center.
There is one small restroom in the center.


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