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“No Island Like Samish Island”

Welcome to our newly redesigned website!

Feel free to explore and try the new search function.  Please report broken links or other issues to samishisland@gmail.com.

We are pleased to provide the President’s annual letter.


This letter is being mailed to Island property owners and residents during the first week of January.

Please see page two for instructions for donations, directory listings, and directory orders.

Annual Letter 2022

You can now make your annual donation online.

One efficient feature of our new website is you can now make donations online.  If you’d like to support Samish Island Community Center please click here to donate.

It’s time to submit your 2022 Island Directory Listing!

Submit your 2022 Samish Island Directory listing and order your copy here. You must submit your information by February 15, 2022 to be included in the 2022 directory.

Upcoming Happenings at the Community Center

  • SICC Board Meeting-Thursday, 1/20/22, 7 pm
  • CANCELED-Edgewater Garden Club Meeting, Thursday, 1/27/22, 10 am