Other Samish Island Groups

Samish Island is a wonderful place to connect with community.

Samish Island Community Center (SICC) and Board

All Island residents and property owners over 18 years old are members of SICC.  The SICC Board is elected by the membership and coordinates Island events, holds fundraisers, maintains the community hall, and guides its rentals.

Arts Festival Committee

The Arts Festival Committee of SICC organizes the Summer Arts Festival and welcomes all comers to join the Committee to help with planning the event.  Monthly meetings begin every January and continue through the August wrap-up meeting.  Many hands and varied talents are needed to help out with this big event.  Email: SamishArtsFest@gmail.com.

Samish Island Marching Band

The Marching Band participates in at least two events each year:  The Samish Island July 4th Parade and The Island Holiday Celebration (as a seated band).  If you’d like to play in the band, contact Gail or Steve Hopley.  All instrumentalists are welcome.

Religious Groups

Several religious groups meet on the Island. Address and gathering times are listed below: