Outdoor Recreation Opportunities

Samish Island Playground-Halloran Road

The Samish Island Playground, located at 10836 Halloran Road, is operated by Skagit County Parks and Recreation.  Facilities include a tennis/pickleball court, basketball hoop, childrens’ play area, picnic tables, open space, and more.  See more information here.

Samish Island Recreation Area-Wharf Street

The Samish Island Recreation Area, located at 4645 Wharf Street, is maintained by Skagit County Parks and Recreation and co-owned with the Department of Natural Resources.  A trail from the road to the edge of the bluff has been improved and graveled, and there is a metal staircase to the beach for public access. A picnic table, garbage can and porta-potty near the road are provided for public use; parking is very limited.  See more information here.

Skagit Land Trust Samish Island Conservation Area

The Samish Island Conservation Area is made up of the end of the isthmus that connects Samish Island, and the forested “coming home” view for Islanders and visitors. The 100+ year-old forest, located on both sides of Samish Island Road, provides nesting, roosting, perching, and foraging habitat for a variety of raptors such as the Bald Eagle, Osprey, Cooper’s Hawk, and owls, as well as migratory song birds. It is used as a staging and feeding area for herons that nest nearby. The property also features 1,600 feet of natural shoreline on Padilla and Samish Bays.  There are forest and beach trails that are open for public enjoyment.  Trails are for walking – no bikes, horses or motorized vehicles.  Parking is very limited; visitors are encouraged to walk or bike to visit this property.  Pets are welcome on leash.  See more information here.