Samish Island Volunteer Fire Department

Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Volunteers Needed: We always need volunteer fire department members 18 years old or older and all skill levels. The level of your commitment could vary based upon your interest and availability. We meet at 7:00 pm on Monday nights usually at Samish Island Fire Hall 10367 Halloran Rd. Call Mike Collins at 360-766-6704 for more information. 

Training is provided, both locally on the Island, at our weekly meetings and through the opportunity to go to a Fire Academy or to EMT training. The training is provided free of charge to members of the Fire Department. We are a congenial group of volunteers; you won’t find a better group of Islanders to spend some time with.

Fire Department Office
Chief: Mike Collins, 360-766-6704
Assistant Chief: Tom Miller 
Capt. Alex and Capt. Bruce

Important Information for Islanders

ALWAYS CALL 911 IN AN EMERGENCY. PLEASE DO NOT CALL A FIRE MEMBER’S HOME OR CELL PHONE TO REQUEST HELP DURING AN EMERGENCY. We are REQUIRED BY LAW to be dispatched by Skagit 911 before we can respond or help. For non-emergency communications call Mike Collins’ voice mail 360-766-6704. We will be happy to consult with you in any of the following areas or refer you to the best resource: home fire safety, fire extinguishers, smoke detectors, fire alarms, emergency preparedness, and some home respite care issues. Smoke, burn, restrictions, concerns, permits and Knox box (gate key lockbox) information can be found at the Skagit County Fire Marshal’s website here.  Firewise (wildfire prevention and home wildfire defensible space): 

Medical Emergency Responses

Samish Island Fire has four certified Emergency Medical Technicians and two certified Emergency Medical Responders, along with all of our members to assist with medical emergencies on Samish Island. More than 70% of our emergency calls are medical responses. Medical transport is provided by Skagit County Fire Departments.

Fire Emergency Responses

Fire protection and emergency services are provided by the trained volunteer Fire Department Crew Members. We have a 2019 Darley Engine with a 700-gallon tank which is equipped with a Compressed Air Foam system. This technology allows faster extinguishing of fires with less water use. We have a Water Tender that holds 1500 gallons. In the event of an active structure fire, all Skagit Fire District #5 Departments (Samish Island, Allen, Edison) will be automatically notified. If needed, neighboring Fire Districts and other Skagit County assets will assist as needed. 

History of the Samish Island Fire Department

The Samish Island Fire Department began on February 17, 1949, when it got its first fire-fighting equipment. You can read more about this interesting history in Fred and Susan Miller’s Samish Island: A History From the Beginning to the 1970s. (pages 214 to 220).

Prior to 1949, the island was served by the joint volunteer fire district covering Bow, Edison, Blanchard, Samish Island, and Allen. We sincerely appreciate all past Samish Island Volunteer Firefighters that have been part of the tradition of neighbors helping neighbors. Thank you! 

Help Support Us

Donations to support our operations are gratefully accepted.  We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation recognized by the IRS, EIN 81-1922698. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.   Donations can be mailed to:

Samish Island Volunteer Firefighters’ Association
10367 Halloran Road
Bow, WA  98232