Samish Island Yellow Pages

The Island is filled with talented people! Can you locally source the help you need?


  • Nordic Style Painted Wood Trays:  Hand painted Nordic trays, locally crafted and painted with unique designs inspired from old Nordic scrolls. Display these beautiful pieces and take advantage of their food-safe finish for serving as a cake stand for your Kransekake.                          Phone:  206-414-8139.  Email:
  • Oil & Watercolor Artwork Commissions:  Karn Kensaton.  Oil and watercolor artist, with experience doing custom commissions on all scales, from ceilings to small landscape recreations.  If you have an idea – I’d love to help you make it happen!                                                              Phone:  206-414-8139.  Email:
  • Samish Island Cards: Kitty Bluhm. Photo art cards of Samish Island shores, landscapes and wildlife.                                                                      Email:  Web:


  • Camp Kirby. Throughout the year cabins can be rented by 501(c)(3) organizations.  Traditional youth camp is during Summer. Contact: Kathryn Deshaies (Camp Director) at 360-255-7765.  Email:  Web:
  • Community of Christ Campground and Retreat Center.  Contact Carolanne Sacry (Camp Manager) at 870-706-7784 or 360-766-8125 or 360-766-6041.  Email:


  • Community of Christ:  Co-Pastor Jane Worlund.  11507 Scott Rd.  Church School:  10:00 am, Worship Service:  11:00 am.                                Phone:  360-766-6320, 360-766-6284. Email:
  • Samish Island Fellowship:  Reverand Janice Smith.  Samish Island Fellowship is a safe place to explore faith issues, ask questions, and unpack the mysteries of the Christian faith, as well as providing opportunities for each to give their gifits inservice to the community.  For 2022, we are looking at God’s character as revealed in scripture.  You are invited to join us by requesting to be added to the zoom invite or by calling Jan with your questions.  Bi-monthly Bible Study – presently online.  Phone:  360-399-1239.  Email:
  • Samish Island Memorial Chapel: Pastor Jim Cannon.  9608 Samish Island Rd.  Sunday morning Service and Children Sunday School:  11:00 am, Adult Sunday School:  9:45 am.  Phone:  360-770-1584.  Email:  Web:

Computer Services

  • Honey, Call Colin: Colin Hopley.  High-Tech Handyman – expert help with computer and network problems, hardware construction, deconstruction, diagnosis, repair and replacement and assistance with software issues.  Can advise, and educate relating to Mac & Windows operating systems and Microsoft Office.  Happy to make house calls.                                                                                                                           Phone: 360-853-3673.  Email:  Web:


  • Anne’s Coffee:  Anne Chase-Stapleton.  Fresh roasted coffee beans available in my barn:  10438 Halloran Rd.                                                    Phone: 360-220-1282.  Email:
  • Blue Heron Coffee:  Fresh roasted coffee beans.  Bill Mersereau.                                                                                                                                   Phone: 360-766-6543.  Email:  Web:
  • Nordic Baked Treats:  Our speciality is authentic Kransekake, the famous almond tower cake for celebrations and just good eating!  We also offer hand painted Nordic trays, locally hand crafted and painted with unique designs inspired from old Nordic scrolls.  Display these beautiful art pieces and take advantage of their food-safe finish for serving or as a cake stand for your Kransekake.                                                         Phone:  206-414-8139.  Email:

Landscape Services

  • LaCount Tree Services: Bill LaCount. Tree removal, trimming, limbing, chipping and disposal.  Phone: 360-395-5425.


Maintenance Services

  •  Boat Engine Repair:  Scott Colvin.  Does your boat need some help? I offer repair services for outboard engines, canvas and upholstery, fiberglass and gelcoat, electrical and electronic systems, and more. Free consultation, and great parts prices.                                                    Phone:  425-246-6539.  Email:  Web:
  • Home Maintenance & Repair: Scott Colvin. I am an experienced residential and commercial superintendent and have recently gone into business for myself. I’m happy to help with anything from taking care of your “Honey-do” list to consultation on design and building strategy. I am versed and skilled in most trades, including finish and detailing, and welding and metalwork.  I am WA licensed and bonded as a handyman.  Phone: 425-246-6539.  Email:
  • Home Maintenance & Repair:  Dave Ensey.  Expert carpentry and tile work.  Quality painting.  Phone: 360-630-0293.
  • Strand’s Sharpening Service:  Strand Wedul (wee-Dool).  Knives, Scissors, Pruners, Loppers, and Mower Blades.  $2.00/edge – CHEAP!         Phone: 360-770-1110.


Professional Services

  • Amy Colvin Wordsmith Editing and Copywriting:  Amy Colvin.  Editing, copy writing, and self-publishing coaching.                                              Phone:  425-503-8886.  Email: Web:
  • Cascadia Creative Agency:  Kayla Ferguson.  Branding, logo design, photography/videography, website development, business consulting.  Phone:  508-523-3241.  Email:  Web:
  • Coastal Interior Design:  Debbie Ensey. Providing expert and affordable help with color, tile, lighting, and home furnishings. Specializing in Comfortable Island Homes.  Phone:  360-757-8771.
  • Graphic Communications Solutions:  Gail Hopley.  From business cards to books, experienced desktop publishing design services.                Phone:  360-708-5460.  Email:
  • Melinda Cumming Voice Over Production:  Melinda Cumming.  Voice-Over talent for commercial, medical, corporate, e-learning narration.  Audiobook narrator.  Phone:  917-376-0995.  Email:  Web:
  • Professional Notary Service:  Denice Rochelle.  Phone:  206-769-1214.  Email:
  • Quilt Appraisals, Antique and New: Ann Bodle-Nash. Full written appraisals or verbal evaluations.  Email:

Samish Island Community Organizations


  • International Spiritual Adventure Tours:  Amy Colvin. Connect with the wisdom of ancient and current spiritual traditions.  These heart-opening adventures inspire the sacred in all of us, no matter your faith background.                                                                                                                Phone: 425-503-8886.  Email:  Web: