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Last update: October 1, 2021


The Samish Island website is owned and operated by the Samish Island Community Center (SICC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, located in Skagit County, Washington, USA. SICC collects no data or information about users of this site. Welcome all.

October ShoreLines Newsletter

The October ShoreLines is posted online today. There is also a useful addendum about the Tsunami Warning Signal and emergency preparedness. Don't be surprised by the testing that will happen on Thursday, Oct 21 - at 10:21am. 10/1/21

Rainfall for 2020-2021

Robert Lord, our local rain recorder, posts this rainfall record for the year, ending September 11, 2021. We had 33.12 inches of rain this year, compared to 38.833 inches last year. Amazing how much we missed those 5.71+ inches! 9/23/21

Samish Island Community Club Board meeting

The board meeting has been rescheduled to September 23, at 7pm at the community center. All island residents are members of the community center, and are welcome to attend, especially of you have a concern, or an idea for an activity you would like to bring to island residents. Call Linda Knapp-Strobel (president) to know you would like to add something to our agenda. 9/8/21

September ShoreLines Newsletter

The September ShoreLines is on the web and on the email group today. Enjoy the beautiful month of September. 9/1/21

Community Hall Rentals

With the newest outbreak of the Covid-19 Delta variant in Washington State, the governor has issued a Public Health notice that all persons wear face masks when in public. This applies to all rentals of the community hall, beginning today. 8/20/21

Community Garden

The Community Garden has delivered 1220 pounds of produce to the Food Distribution Center, so far this year. Last year at this time, 903 pounds were delivered. Thanks to all Samish Island Neighbors who share their own abundance of fruits and vegetables ... if you have extra fruits and vegetables from your garden or trees to contribute, bring them to the Community Garden on Monday mornings when the harvesting crew is busy (about 10am to noon). They will take your extras to the Distribution Center, too. 8/2/21

August ShoreLines News

Read this month's ShoreLines online today - in your email, if you are an island resident or owner, or on the web page. 7/31/21

Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center

If you find a wounded or injured wild animal along the road, your yard, or in nature, calling Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is a compassionate action. They are located on San Juan Island, but have volunteers in our area who can retrieve animals. Call right away: 360-378-5000. They don't check email regularly. 7/15/21

Community Ice Cream Social

Sunday, July 25, 1-4pm at the Community Center yard & parking lot. First-come, first-served while supplies last – we’ve never done this before! What you can bring if you like:  bottled water, portable chair, and, if you would feel more comfortable, a mask. 7/15/21

Community Center Cleanup

Monday, July 26, 9-1pm. Volunteers are welcome. We are getting ready to re-open for rentals in August. The hall needs a tidy-up after our long covid-hiatus. 7/15/21

Community Center Rentals

The Community Center will again be available for scheduling after August 1. Rental for island residents is $100. Off-islanders may schedule, with an island sponsor, $125. View the rental guide and current schedule for additional information.

We are very glad to return to normal operations, scheduling, and use of our center, and are grateful for our SICC board members who have made good decisions this past "Covid year," to protect our community. Enjoy re-meeting at the September potluck, the Holiday Kickoff, and perhaps schedule a family party or other gathering. 7/3/21

ShoreLines July newsletter is online today.

Click here to read the July 2021 issue of the Samish ShoreLines News. Enjoy the island summer, relax and have fun! Happy 4th of July. 7/1/21

Burn Ban is on, as of Friday, June 25.

Due to hot dry weather prediction, the county has declared a burn ban early. Be safe, take your yard waste to Skagit Soils or North Hill Resources.

Garage Sale, Saturday, June 19

Here's a map. 2 corrections: #16 is is 9155 Samish Island Road, (#22) is 4952 G Loop. 6/19/21

Samish ShoreLines, June issue

The June issue is posted on Samish-Neighbors e-group, the web page, and Samish Next Door. Happy solstice this month, plus enjoy these great summer flowers - iris, peonies, roses, callas, and many many others are out now! 6/1/21

Tsunami Preparation

The webinar last week can be viewed here: Here are some follow through points. Please take time to view this webinar, and include your children, and then practice how to get safe and stay safe in case of any emergency.

1. Make sure to know how to get to higher ground and actually practice it while walking since the roadway may be closed due to downed trees or wires or other damage from the earthquake.  Think about this for your work site, or for when shopping, or visiting friends.  Be aware.

2. Choose an out-of-state friend or relative to designate as the contact person for all family members in case of an emergency, since local contacts may be disrupted but you may be able to reach an out-of-area person who can be the go-between to let everyone know who has checked in and what their situation is.  Sometimes texting can get through when a phone call cannot.

3.Be prepared to survive on your own for up to a week or two.  That means food, water, prescriptions (for people and pets), batteries, animal food, heat, etc.,and perhaps you will not able to get home for a while if you are at work or elsewhere when disaster happens.

4. Make arrangements with any neighbor who is not able to get out on their own to help them get to higher ground.

5. And be sure to sign up  with Department of Emergency Management for notifications on your  phone.

Samish Island Yard Sale: June 19th, 8am to 2pm

Register by June 5th to be in the Yard sale June 19, and on the Yard Sale map. You can register or ask questions by emailing Amy Colvin ( or Joan Tezak ( The entry fee of $10 covers advertising, route maps, and a returnable pink flamingo. Send checks made out to SICC, to Amy Colvin, 10641 Samish Island Road, Bow, WA 98232. 5/30/21

Samish Island Guest Houses, 2021

If you have visitors this year with limited room at your house, there are 19 guest houses on Samish Island. Most book through AirBNB and VRBO; some have their own websites. The list is available as an Excel spreadsheet or PDF file. Prices were accurate as of May 21, 2021. Each guesthouse is linked to its booking page. Report incorrect information to

All guest houses have "house rules" which include no access to neighboring properties, docks or boats, no parties or events, and quiet hours. Owners might consider giving neighbors their text# to report any issues. 5/22/21

May ShoreLines Newsletter

The May newsletter is online today, and in the Samish Neighbors email. It will be also available on Samish Next Door. 5/2/21

Conserving the Entrance to Samish Island

Skagit Land Trust has purchased the 50 acres of wetland and dike along the road on the west side of the road near the island. Plans are for trails, educational opportunities to study wetlands, quiet recreational pursuits such as bird-watching, beach-walking, etc. Stay tuned as we know more. 5/1/21

April ShoreLines Newsletter

The Samish ShoreLines Newsletter is online today; also on the email groups - Samish-Neighbors and Samish Next Door. Happy Spring to all. 4/31/21

Samish ShoreLines - March issue

The March issue is published today on the Samish Neighbors e-group, and the web page. Enjoy this season of winter- flowering plants. Spring is coming! 3/1/21

Happy Valentine's Month!


Happy Valentines to all Islanders, from Chuck & Marnie Pennington.

Since the holiday lights are all put away, we were inspired to make a "heartfelt gift" in the garden for this Valentine month... Each evening we'll post a picture and a special love note on the Samish-neighbors email group. 2/3/21

ShoreLines News: February

The February Samish ShoreLines Newsletter is on the website today, and in your Samish Neighbor's email.

If you'd like to make a donation to the Community Club to maintain our center, or purchase a directory, please fill out the donation and directory order form.

Celebrating this month: Valentines Day and President's Day. 2/1/21

Samish Neighbors Email Group

Islanders and property owners who would like to join the Samish Neighbor's email group may join here. 2/1/21

Articles about Herons and Eagles

You might enjoy reading these recent articles about our local herons and eagles: The Bird That Builds Nests Right By Its Worst Enemy, in the Atlantic magazine; and a similiar story in the Hakai magazine. Thanks to Fred Miller for drawing our attention to these articles. 1/26/21

Migratory waterfowl (duck hunting) season closes January 31

No more sounds of guns from the hunt club in Alice Bay after next Sunday, January 31. Season opens again in October. 1/26/21

Samish Island Directories

This is the time to submit your order for your 2021 Island Directory, before January 31. Please use the donation and directory order form, attached to the January ShoreLines. Each directory is $5. Please enclose a check and send it to SICC, P.O. Box 268, Bow, WA 98232. Any donation you would like to make to the SICC, is also very welcome. We have fixed costs for our community center, and rentals are on hold, due to the pandemic. Thanks in advance for your support. 1/9/21

January Samish ShoreLines Newsletter

Happy New Year to all! Here is the newsletter for January, thanks to Charlene Day, our editor this month. May your new year be blessed with good health and good fortune. For past issues of the ShoreLines, please check here. 1/1/21

Community Center Rentals

SICC has determined that we will not have rentals at the Community Center for the forseeable future. Skagit County is still in Phase 2, with recommendation of no more than five people at any social gathering. Phase 3 will have no more than 30 people at any social gathering, (recently reduced), so renting the community hall is still tentative at present. See more in the October Shore Lines. 10/1/20

Covid-19 Cancellations in the community include:

Camp Samish Closed to All

The Camp is closed to all visitors for the duration of Covid-19 restrictions. This is a decision of the Community of Christ World Church regarding all their church and camp properties. 3/30/20

Complaint form for Tanker off-gassing odors (Northwest Clean Air Agency)

If you smell noxious gas odors from tankers in Samish Bay, during the spring and summer, fill out the online form below, to report it. Some days it goes beyond bad, to completely unhealthy and unbreathable air, putting residents and pets at risk. Community meetings are being planned, exploring some form of action, whether county, legislative, or legal action. More info..

Complaint Form: You can also call the Northwest Clean Air Agency and leave a phone message: 360-428-1617.

Tanker Air Polluters

You can find out which tankers are in our bays on this real-time site, called Live Ships Map. Ships in Samish Bay, are destined for March or Cherry Points. It helps if you can pinpoint which ship is off-gassing when you make a report.

Samish Island shoreline photos

You can see various years of Samish Island shoreline photos, taken by the State Department of Ecology, from 1976 to 2017 at this Shoreline Photo Viewer.