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Last update: February 1, 2019


The Samish Island website is owned and operated by the Samish Island Community Center (SICC), a 501C3 non-profit organization, located in Skagit County, Washington, USA.

Samish Shore Lines - February edition

The February Shore Lines is posted on the web page and e-groups today. 2/1/19

Community Potluck Photos

A few photos of the January potluck. Click image to enlarge. 2/1/19

Island Directory

All island property owners & residents can be included in the island directory, by filling out the dues and directory form. Include names, address, phone #, whether you want your email listed, etc. After publication, new entries can't be included, so submit yours when your dues form arrives, sometime in the next week or so. Or print the linked form above, and send it in now! 1/4/19

Island Services and Businesses

Residents who provide services to others, may list their service or business in the Island Directory "Yellow Pages." This is done yearly, in January, by filling out the dues and directory form. The directory publishes in February, and no late entries are accepted after publication. Print the linked form, and send it in now, if you wish. 1/4/19

Staying in Touch through e-Groups:

We have two groups sponsored by SICC: The first - and most popular - is for neighborly sharing, borrowing stuff, selling stuff, asking questions, reporting various problems, called Samish Neighbors.

The second e-group is for people who don't want a lot of e-mail, just want essential and emergency information (like floods, road conditions, emergency weather conditions, and also The Shore Lines Newsletter). This Group is called Samish Info. You can join either group by clicking on Groups (on the site index above left), then click on E-Groups and read instructions. If you need help, contact our webmaster, 1/4/19

January Shore Lines

The January Shore Lines is available on the webpage today, and will be attached to the Samish Neighbors, Samish Info, and Next Door e-groups. Happy New Year, from your SICC board! 1/1/19

December Shore Lines

This month's island newsletter is online today. Don't miss the holiday events on the island- a special time of year. The Holiday Kickoff on Saturday, December 1 at the Community Center will be a chance to look for presents and mingle with friends over coffee, make wreaths if desired. The Holiday Party is on Saturday, December 15 at the Community of Christ Church, with good music, humor and stories, followed by cookies in the social room. All islanders invited to join the festivities. 11/30/18

November Shore Lines

The November Samish Island Shore Lines is online today. Mark dates you don't want to miss. Enjoy the coming Holiday Season. 10/31/18

Samish Island shoreline photos

You can see various years of Samish Island shoreline photos, taken by the State Department of Ecology, from 1976 to 2017 at this Shoreline Photo Viewer. 10/31/18

Taylor Shellfish Farms "Oyster Soirees"

Taylor Oyster is sponsoring several Night Tide Soirees in January and March, for an outdoor adventure. Join them for one of the Night Tide Oyster Soirées at the Samish Bay Farm on January 20th and March 16th. Samish Bay Farm will be open exclusively for a night tide party of oysters and wine. More info.... 10/31/18

Samish Island History - November 4

Plan now to attend the next installment of the Samish Island Stories. At the community hall. Watch for more details in the November Shorelines, online November 1 - and in your e-group email. 10/23/18

October Shorelines

The Samish Island newsletter, Shore Lines, is online today. Record any useful dates on your calendar. Thanks to Charlene Day for this month's issue. 10/1/18

Migratory Birds and Upland Game Hunting begins in October.

Check the Washington Department of Fish and Game page for beginning and ending dates of the hunting season in this area. The West-90 and the private hunting club on Alice Bay will be busy during this period. 10/1/18

Burn Ban is off, as of Sept 21

Natural vegetation, residential yard and land-clearing fires are permitted in areas within unincorporated Skagit County until further notice.

European Green Crab v. Helmet Crab

Recent finding of a crab on the north side of the island, renewed concerns about invasive green crab in our waters. Shellfish bed owners identified it as a helmet crab.

Here is more information from WA Fish & Wildlife. 9/4/18

September Shore Lines Newsletter

The September Shore Lines is posted today. 9/3/18

August Shore Lines Newsletter

Posted today, the Samish Island Shore Lines' August newsletter. 7/31/18

Community Garden Photos - Harvesting time

Click each for a larger view. 7/31/18

Samish Island Flower Farm article

The Skagit Land Trust features the Flower Farm Property on Samish Island in their Summer issue. 7/20/18

Clean Air Complaint Form

If you smell the terrible and noxious gas odors from the current tankers in Samish Bay, you can fill out this online form to complain. Some days it goes beyond bad, to completely unhealthy and unbreathable air, putting residents and pets at risk. This summer, community meetings are being planned, exploring some form of action, whether county, legislative, or legal action. More info..

Complaint Form: You can also call the Northwest Clean Air Agency and leave a phone message: 360-428-1617. 7/14/18

Tanker Air Polluters

You can find out which tankers are in our bays on this real-time site, called Live Ships Map. Destinations for ships in Samish Bay, are destined for March or Cherry Points. It sometimes helps if you can pinpoint which ship is off-gassing when you make a report.

Burn Ban is on- Friday, July 13.

Full details at Skagit

Briefly: ►No burning of brush or other debris on your property ► Any recreational fires (like campfires) must be enclosed - and the enclosure must be less than 3 feet wide and 2 feet high ► You ALWAYS need to have water on hand ► Fires need to be AT LEAST 10 feet away from trees or anything that could accidentally catch on fire. 7/13/18

Samish Shore Lines Newsletter - July

The July issue is posted online today. Check out the Arts Festival Page, and Arts postercard.

For back issues of the Shore Lines (from 2003 to present), visit the archives. 7/2/18

Padilla Bay Newsletter

Find out what's happening at Padilla Bay Interpretive Center, by subscribing to their newsletter. 6/1/18

Samish Island Heronry Story

Article about the Samish Island heronry, from the Anacortes American, sent to the e-group, reposted here. 5/26/18

The 22nd Annual Arts Festival is in the planning.

Laurie Lundgren, island jewelry-maker, is our featured artist in 2018. We have some great musicians lined up. We will add artists and musicians and good food providers as we approach July 28! PK Dwyer, Folk & Blues Busker Extraordinaire, will be with us this year. Read more... on the Festival page.

January Heronry Update

Great Blue Heron, by Terry FooteRegina Wandler, Stewardship Manager of the Skagit Land Trust, gives us an update on the heronry abandonment story.

Read more... (pdf will download to your computer to read)

Samish Island Stories

The first "Samish Island Stories" was held at the Samish Island Community Center on Sunday, Jan 28, 2018, attended by about 100 people. Many good stories of past events on the island were shared. Tom Taylor did a casual audio, and he also took several photos. Thank you, Tom! 1/29/18

Samish Island Community Dues and Directory

Fill out the 2018 form if you'd like to be a supporting member of our Samish Island Community Club and/or be in the island directory. Dues and Directory form. 1/2/18

E-Groups on Samish Island - you can join in....

There are currently 355 members of the Samish Info group, and 238 members of the Samish Neighbors Group. If you would like to join any of the e-groups on the island, visit the Samish Island E-Groups page for a description of the group, and how they differ from each other, plus how to join. There is also an e-group that is more "facebook-like," which includes advertising. Samish Next Door. Contact Julie Judy if you would like an invitation to this group.

There are also several e-groups on the island for dues-paying members, The Edgewater Garden Club, and Samish Island Acres Community Garden.

It is a good way to be in touch with your neighbors and friends on the island. 8/8/16

Hall Rentals

Have a gathering planned that's too large for the size of your home? Consider using the community center for your event. Islander/Member daily rate: $75. Off-Islanders with an island sponsor daily rate: $100. The Community center is open, spacious, has lots of tables, chairs and useable kitchen. It holds 100 people for meetings, less for sit-down dinners. There is no Wi-Fi to encourage real-life conversations. Call to reserve your event day, 766-8202. You can also rent the video projector or sound system for additional fees. More info.. 1/7/14.