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Last update: October 4, 2017


The Samish Island website is owned and operated by the Samish Island Community Center (SICC), a 501C3 non-profit organization, located in Skagit County, Washington, USA.

October Shore Lines

The October Shore Lines (pdf) is posted today. Thanks to Linda Larson, editor. 10/4/17

September Shore Lines

The Shore Lines Newsletter (pdf) is posted today. Thanks to Linda Larson for this month's issue. 9/1/17

Shore Lines - July issue

Click the July Shore Lines and it arrives in your "download folder." The Arts Festival Poster for the July 29 event is also attached to this month's Shore Lines - as a separate pdf. Thanks to Linda Larson, this month's Shore Lines editor. 7/2/17

Fourth of July Information

Here is some information about celebration on Samish Island, where to park, etc: Samish Island Fourth. 6/26/17

June Shore Lines

The June Shore Lines is delivered today via the web page, the e-groups (Samish Info, Samish Neighbors, and Samish Island Next Door). Let us know if you have trouble opening it or can't read it for some reason. We can send it as an email attachment direct to you. 6/2/17

June 10 - The Heronry is Abandoned

Great Blue Heron, by Terry FooteThe second largest blue heron nesting area in Washington state, located on Samish Island, has been abandoned by the Great Blue Herons. This is the first time in most islander's experience or memories. This is upsetting to many. Investigations by the Skagit Land Trust, and other environmental organizations are underway.

Bill Dewey Follow up from Dept of Ecology - Natural Gas odor

Bill contacted the Dept of Ecology in case there was pollution in the water affecting shellfish beds in our area. Here was his post on the e-group from Ecology. 6/7/17

Natural gas or petroleum smell, Friday June 2

Many people reported a heavy petroleum or chemical smell in the air at around 4:30 on Friday afternoon. It was particularly intense on the south side of the island and many other places on the island, too. 23 people registered a complaint with the Northwest Clean Air Authority or the Coast Guard.

It turned out to be a release of gas from one of the crude oil tankers present in Samish Bay at the time. There was an eye witness to the release.

NWCAA does not have authority over marine issues, so be sure to contact the Coast Guard for these types of events, 800 424-8802. To know the name of the ship involved, please check this site which shows all live marine traffic in our vicinity.

Coast Guard does not know at this time if it's in the water as well as the air....the Coast Guard is following up. (see Bill Dewey report above)

E-Groups on Samish Island - you can join.

There are currently 355 members of the Samish Info group, and 238 members of the Samish Neighbors Group. If you would like to join any of the e-groups on the island, visit the Samish Island E-Groups page for a description of the group, and how they differ from each other, plus how to join. There is also a new e-group that is more "facebook-like" (includes advertising), called Samish Next Door. Contact Julie Judy if you would like an invitation to this group.

There are also several e-groups on the island for dues-paying members (garden club, community garden).

It is a good way to be in touch with your neighbors and friends on the island.

The Samish Farms Water Association

SFWA has a new website as of July 2016. Any alerts, upcoming events, or pertinent informaiton will be posted on this website. You can also contact the association by email, There is a rate increase of 10% on the July bill, due to PUD increases (8%), and upgrading Mercer and Wallen road to state requirements (2%). Water rate for existing customers is now $3.69 per 100 cf. The price of a new share is now $12,137.00, due to PUD system development cost increase. 8/8/16

Ships and Tankers

You can find out which tankers are in our bays on this interesting real-time site, called Live Ships Map. Many have Cherry Point as their destination.

Hall Rentals

Have a gathering planned that's too large for the size of your home? Consider using the community center for your event. Islanders' or members' rate: $75 one-day rental. Everyone loves the hall: it's open, spacious, has lots of tables and serving utensils. It doesn't have tv or wireless distractions. Real interactions and conversation happen. Call to reserve your event day, 766-8202. You can also rent the video projector or sound system if needed (additional fee). More info.. 1/7/14.