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Last update: June 1, 2018


The Samish Island website is owned and operated by the Samish Island Community Center (SICC), a 501C3 non-profit organization, located in Skagit County, Washington, USA.

Samish Shore Lines Newsletter

The June issue is posted online today. Check out the summer activities on the island. 6/1/18

Padilla Bay Newsletter

Find out what's happening at Padilla Bay Interpretive Center, by subscribing to their newsletter. 6/1/18

Samish Island Heronry Story

Article about the Samish Island heronry, from the Anacortes American, sent to the e-group by Ann Reid. 5/26/18

May Shore Lines

The May Shore Lines is posted online today. Add dates you don't want to miss to your calendar. 5/2/18

The 22nd Annual Arts Festival is in the planning.

Laurie Lundgren, island jewelry-maker, is our featured artist in 2018. We have some great musicians lined up. We will add artists and musicians and good food providers as we approach July 28! PK Dwyer, Folk & Blues Busker Extraordinaire, will be with us this year. Read more... on the Festival page.

April Shore Lines Newsletter

The newest Shore Lines is posted today. Mark your calendar for any upcoming dates you don't want to miss.
Note: If the Shore Lines does not pop up on your screen when you click the link above, check your download folder. Some browsers download, instead of opening it. 3/31/18

April Solar Power presentation

Tired of high electricity bills? Solar power can eliminate or reduce your power bill. Join Banner Power Solutions for an informative exploration of this important renewable energy.

Photo is one of Banner Power Solution's 15 solar projects currently on Samish Island.

: Thursday, April 5th - 6:30pm-8 pm
Where : S.I. Community Center. 3/6/18

March Shore Lines

The March Shore Lines newsletter is now online, and will be in your e-groups today. Some browsers display the pdf right away, others may download it to your desktop or download folder. 3/2/18

Information from the Samish Island Fire Department

Samish Island Fire Department would like to give you some tips about heart attacks.   What does a heart attack feel like?  You might have pain or pressure in your chest that could spread to your back jaw, throat, or arm. You might also experience nausea, indigestion, and heartburn that are often accompanied by weakness and anxiety.  Fast and/or irregular heartbeats and shortness of breath are also common.  Women don’t always feel chest pain, but compared to men, they are more likely to have heartburn or heart flutters, lose their appetite, cough, and/or feel unusually tired or weak.
Please don’t try to diagnose yourself.  Call 911 if you have any of these symptoms because fast action can save your life.  We would much rather have you call us and let the paramedics tell you that you don’t appear to be having a heart attack than lose any of our dear neighbors who didn’t want to call us unnecessarily. We are available 24/7 and welcome an opportunity to be of help.

We would like to call on you for two kinds of help.  We need additional volunteers to perform a wide range of tasks, from extinguishing fires and responding to medical emergencies to managing our equipment and record keeping. In addition, we always need tax deductible financial contributions to cover the cost of equipment and supplies that the county does not pay for.  

To learn more about volunteering, please contact me at 360.766.6704. 

To contribute, please mail your checks to: Samish Island Firefighter Association, 10367 Halloran Road, Bow, WA 98242. 

Thank you for your support, Mike Collins, Fire Chief.

Samish Shore Lines - February

The February Shore Lines newsletter (pdf file) is available to read on your computer. Some browsers open the file on the click, others download it to your "download file" where you can open with Adobe Acrobat Reader. 2/2/18

January Heronry Update

Great Blue Heron, by Terry FooteRegina Wandler, Stewardship Manager of the Skagit Land Trust, gives us an update on the heronry abandonment story.

Read more... (pdf will download to your computer to read)

Samish Island Stories

The first "Samish Island Stories" was held at the Samish Island Community Center on Sunday, Jan 28, 2018, attended by about 100 people. Many good stories of past events on the island were shared. Tom Taylor did a casual audio, and he also took several photos. Thank you, Tom! 1/29/18

January Shore Lines Newsletter

Time to start the fresh new year with the January Shore Lines. Happy New Year to all our island friends and neighbors. Please fill out the Dues and Directory form, asap. 1/2/18

Raptor Classes begin in February

If you are fascinated by the eagles, hawks, falcons, harriers, and other raptors who watch your daily return to the island,  you can learn a lot more about them from local expert Bud Anderson and the Falcon Research Group.

Classes begin at Padilla Bay Breazeale Interpretive Center on Tuesday February 2. The class is a 5-class course on Tuesdays, ending March 6.  The course includes presentations, field trips, Q & A, and much other useful information.  Cost: $175.  11/30/17

E-Groups on Samish Island - you can join in....

There are currently 355 members of the Samish Info group, and 238 members of the Samish Neighbors Group. If you would like to join any of the e-groups on the island, visit the Samish Island E-Groups page for a description of the group, and how they differ from each other, plus how to join. There is also a new e-group that is more "facebook-like" (includes advertising), called Samish Next Door. Contact Julie Judy if you would like an invitation to this group.

There are also several e-groups on the island for dues-paying members (garden club, community garden).

It is a good way to be in touch with your neighbors and friends on the island. 8/8/16

Ships and Tankers

You can find out which tankers are in our bays on this interesting real-time site, called Live Ships Map. Many have Cherry Point as their destination.

Hall Rentals

Have a gathering planned that's too large for the size of your home? Consider using the community center for your event. Islanders' or members' rate: $75 one-day rental. Everyone loves the hall: it's open, spacious, has lots of tables and serving utensils. It doesn't have tv or wireless distractions. Real interactions and conversation happen. Call to reserve your event day, 766-8202. You can also rent the video projector or sound system for and additional fee. More info.. 1/7/14.