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Last update: February 20, 2020


The Samish Island website is owned and operated by the Samish Island Community Center (SICC), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, located in Skagit County, Washington, USA. SICC collects no data or information about users of this site. Welcome all.

February 2020 Samish Shore Lines Newsletter

The February Shore Lines is posted online today, and to our local e-groups. Remember today is the last day to submit your Dues and Directory form to be in the Samish Island phone directory. 1/31/20

January 2020 Samish Shore Lines Newsletter

The January Shore Lines is posted online today, and our to the local E-groups. Be sure to fill out the Dues and Directory form for your personal listing in the island directory, or to list your business/service in our "Services Section."

You can change your browser settings to open the Shore Lines automatically in your browser, or to save it to your computer to open with Acrobat reader. See instructions on the Shore Lines page. 12/31/2019

Upcoming Dates of Interest

Map Your Neighborhood - March 15 at SICC

Fire Department Request: Vegetation Along Driveways

I have observed that many Samish Island homes have overgrown vegetation and trees along their driveways.  This has become a growing concern due to the twelve foot tall by twelve foot wide clearance needed for the new Samish Island fire truck.  Our new fire truck has traded a shorter wheel base in exchange for a taller profile.  It will slow down our response if your driveway has branches hanging in the way of our fire crews as they drive down your driveway to your emergency.  Please check your driveway clearance and remove branches that could impede our quick response.  While you are outside check that your house numbers are clearly visible from the road in both directions and on your house.  10/29/19

Invasive Species

Here is a list of declared invasive species (pdf), from the Skagit Land Trust, that might be useful to home gardeners or islanders. 9/18/19

Community Garden

If you enjoy growing food for personal use and helping others, consider joining the Samish Island Community Garden, at the end of Blue Heron Road. Cost to join is $25 for individual, $50 family. Members harvest for themselves, and the garden contributes weekly to the Food Bank Distribution Center in Sedro Woolley, for those in need. Contact: Linda Larson 766-6600 for more information. 4/25/19

Complaint form for Tanker off-gassing odors (Northwest Clean Air Agency)

If you smell noxious gas odors from tankers in Samish Bay, during the spring and summer, fill out the online form below, to report it. Some days it goes beyond bad, to completely unhealthy and unbreathable air, putting residents and pets at risk. Community meetings are being planned, exploring some form of action, whether county, legislative, or legal action. More info..

Complaint Form: You can also call the Northwest Clean Air Agency and leave a phone message: 360-428-1617. 3/31/19

Tanker Air Polluters

You can find out which tankers are in our bays on this real-time site, called Live Ships Map. Destinations for ships in Samish Bay, are destined for March or Cherry Points. It helps if you can pinpoint which ship is off-gassing when you make a report. 3/31/19

Walking on the island

Many islanders walk for pleasure, enjoying the "east loop walk." Camp Samish, owned by the Community of Christ Church, allows islanders to walk the far east side of the camp property (off the far end of Scott Rd), as long as no camp residents are disturbed, and dogs are leashed and cleaned up after. See the Camp Samish Walking Guidelines here. 3/29/19

Staying in Touch through e-Groups:

We have two groups sponsored by SICC: The first - and most popular - is for neighborly sharing, borrowing stuff, selling stuff, asking questions, reporting various problems, and emergency island information, called Samish Neighbors.

The second e-group is for people who don't want a lot of neighborly info, just essential and emergency information (like floods, road conditions, emergency weather conditions, and also The Shore Lines Newsletter). This Group is called Samish Info. You can join either group by clicking on Groups (on the site index above left), then click on E-Groups and read instructions. If you need help, contact our webmaster, 1/4/19

Samish Island shoreline photos

You can see various years of Samish Island shoreline photos, taken by the State Department of Ecology, from 1976 to 2017 at this Shoreline Photo Viewer. 10/31/18

Community Center Rentals

Have a gathering planned that's too large for the size of your home? Consider using the community center for your event. Islander/Member daily rate: $100. Off-Islanders, with an island sponsor, daily rate: $125. The Community center holds 100 people for meetings, less for sit-down dinners.. More info..